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What is "vintage"?

"Vintage" is normally defined as anything produced over 20 years ago. Most items are pre-owned, however some are "dead stock", meaning they were never actually worn and exist in large quantities from leftover decade-old inventory. 

Why should I buy used clothes?

Shopping vintage, or second-hand in anyway, is so important for our environment and labour rights. When you buy second-hand, you lessen the demand for new goods to be produced. This lessens the waste and environmental harm of mass production, and pulls your support for often inhumane working conditions. For example, America doubled the amount of clothing it throws away over the last 20 years, from 7 million to 14 million tons, however production doubled in the same time frame, with production exceeding 100 billion items. Read more about the fast fashion crisis here or here

Not only are you benefitting the environment, but you're also benefitting your personal style. Prior to the fast fashion revolution, clothing was made with both a greater attention to detail and to last a lifetime. Quality of craftsmanship and fabric is significantly lost in clothing today, unless you're able to pay top dollar for couture, making affordable vintage is the perfect loophole.

You know that terrible feeling of passing by someone on the street in the exact same crop top as you? Or worse, showing up to a party in the same dress as your friend? That will never happen when you shop vintage. Instead, you'll be noticed for the unique jacket you're wearing while everyone else is wearing the same outfit and stuck wondering where you got yours. And the best part... when they finally pull together the nerve to ask where they can get your jacket too, you get to say: it's vintage

Do you consign or trade?

Currently we are not a consignment store, that phase may come in the future but in the meantime there are plenty of amazing donation centres and consignments stores around Vancouver and Montreal- we would be happy to give you some suggestions! 

With that being said, if you are in possession of a significant vintage collection or anything else you think we would be interested in- please feel free to contact us

Where do Badlands' pieces come from?

Our treasures are sourced solely by Badlands Vintage from anywhere in the world. We search anywhere we can, such as markets, auctions, wholesalers, estates, online and even from our friends and relatives. 

Are your pieces cleaned?

Yes! We wash every single thing we find to make it both appear and feel brand new. 

Do you only sell vintage goods?

It is often hard to know exactly when many pieces were produced, so although all our items may not be exactly 20 years old, they are all recycled from the past. We mark in the description per item if it is clearly authentically vintage or more recent. 

How are your pieces sized?

Sizing changes significantly over time and location so the size marked is not always representative of your modern size. Although we list the marked size, we also include the measurements of all our items and the way we think they fit by todays standards. If you are unsure if a piece will fit you or not, please do not hesitate to contact us

Can I make a special request on an item?

Of course! Although we can't guarantee anything, we would be happy to hear any of your ideas or requests! Please send us an email with as much information as possible, or fill our our Wish List form if you want something sourced just for you. 

Can I pick up my order in person?

Usually, yes! You are more than welcome to pick up your items from us in person provided that you and the item are in the same city. Since we go back and forth between Vancouver and Montreal, your item could be in either location, so please email us to confirm that we have the piece in your city. 

Do you have a brick and mortar shop?

We currently only sell online. If you wish to view our collection in person shoot us an email and we will happily set up a personal viewing for you. 

Do you accept returns?

We currently do not accept returns. As the nature of vintage is second-hand and one-of-a-kind, please keep that in mind while shopping and ask as many question as you need before purchasing- we are happy to answer any questions or provide new photos. For exceptions, read more here or send us an email. 

How long does shipping usually take?

We ship out items within 1 to 3 days upon receiving the order. For Canadian orders, we will either use Regular Canada Post Parcel Air, which can run between 3 to 7 business days, or Express Canada Post, which is 1-2 days. This depends on your preference at checkout, if you would prefer another option please email us prior to your order. You will receive a tracking number and confirmation of shipment as soon as your package has been processed and dropped off. For American orders, we will use Regular UPS which can take up to 9 days, if you prefer expedited shipping to the United States please contact us. Read more here

Do you ship internationally?

We are happy to ship anywhere provided that you are aware of the potential costs. Unfortunately, shipping out of Canada can get expensive, so there may be a large charge on your bill for a general international order. If you feel that the general price is too expensive for your location, please send us an email and the items you're interested in and we can give you an accurate calculation! We are happy to use whatever carrier and speed you prefer on any order. 

I didn't receive a tracking number?

Check your junk mail! We will send you a confirmation email upon completion of your order to the email address you input (this email will not be used for newsletters!). Once shipped, you will receive another email with your tracking info. Depending on your email settings, these could be marked as junk- so check there if you haven't heard anything from us. 

If you have any other questions please email us at info@badlandsvintage.com

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